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John Muir Academy has a number of special programs to fit the needs and learning styles of all students. All programs follow a rigorous curriculum based on Common Core Standards.

Classical - Following a traditional elementary school model, students in this program are placed in a classroom with a single teacher and other students in the same grade, and at a variety of academic levels. Students may be in flexible groupings throughout the day in ensure maximum learning.

Multiage - Multiage is a group of mixed-age learners and teachers who work together in different group formations to learn over multiple years. Students in all academic levels are part of the Multiage program. Students are placed in flexible groups by ability to ensure a match between their learning level and the level of the curriculum.

GATE/EXCEL - GATE/EXCEL students are accelerated learners who qualify for the GATE/EXCEL program. Students identified as GATE/EXCEL may attend classes in both the Classical and Multiage programs.

Special Day Class - The Special Day Class is for students with special education needs as determined by an IEP. Muir has Mild/Moderate classes for TK-8 students. 

EDGE - EDGE (Effort Determines Graduating with Excellence) is Muir's middle school program. EDGE ephasizes high school readiness by providing accelerated classes for all students.

High School Readiness

In order to develop skills which will be necessary for high school, college, and beyond, Muir sets high expectations beginning in the primary grades. We emphasize scholarly habits and the importance of daily school attendance. Students are encouraged to read at home in order to build their vocabulary and comprehension skills. In order to be considered "Middle School Ready", students in Grade 5 are expected to reach the Met or Exceeded level in math facts fluency and should be reading at or above grade level before they transition to middle school. In order to be considered "High School Ready", middle school students are expected to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, earn a C or better in ELA and Mathematics, should have a 96% or higher attendance rate, and should have no suspensions. Interventions are available to help all students achieve these goals.