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We want all students to be successful at John Muir Academy


 All students are expected to come in uniform each day.

Students should come to school prepared to learn.

To prevent the placement of used chewing gum in inappropriate and costly places, chewing gum is not allowed at school.

Muir K-8 Academy Common Area Expectations


  1. Conversation: Talk in a quiet voice.

  2. Help: Raise your hand if you need help.

  3. Activity: Eat your lunch and clean your area.

  4. Movement: Ask an adult to leave your seat.

  5. Participation: Everyone follows the rules.

Teachers escort each class to line up at the cafeteria lines, monitoring their students are quiet in the QUIET ZONE, staying in their line, keeping their hands to themselves, facing forward, and listening for adult directions. Students wait to be invited into the cafeteria. Students get their food and sit where they are directed by the recreation staff. Students enter the cafeteria on the north side and exit the cafeteria on the south side.

Hallways/Walkways: 1000 building - enter through the North and South doors to come to the office and/or nurse.

  1. Walk down the hallway/walkway.

  2. Stay to the right.

  3. Follow guidelines for each area. 

  4. QUIET ZONE - outside 3000 building as teachers walk students to lunch lines 

  5. WALK ZONE - from cafeteria to north or south playground

  6. LEARNING ZONE - quiet area, students not allowed during recess/lunch

The expectation is that students will line up and walk through the walk zone to get back to class, unless the teacher is picking them up. 


  1. PLAY - the goal is to HAVE FUN!  It is not a competition.

  2. Wait behind the red line until the teacher is on supervision.  Students need to know who monitors each day and listen to all adults.

  3. Students may only eat at the benches in front of the ball shed during recess, not lunch.

  4. Recess/Lunch - Students may only use ball shed equipment.  No classroom equipment is allowed.

  5. Keep your hands, feet, objects, and unkind words to yourself. 

  6. Play 4 square, handball (only on the handball wall), basketball, tetherball, or kickball. (One touch is damaging our fences/backstops and is not allowed)

  7. Red, yellow, green balls, volleyballs, and basketballs - only hit/throw with your hands

  8. Soccer balls - kick with your feet

  9. When the whistle blows/bell rings, stop, and squat/take a knee. Walk to return the equipment. Walk back to your classroom in the WALK ZONE only.

Out of Bounds Areas: CDC benches, metal containers by the basketball courts, and behind music room

Bathroom: FLUSH

First enter the restroom calmly and quietly, and go into the stall.

Leave the restroom quickly after using it, making sure to FLUSH the toilet only once.

Use soap & water to wash your hands & 1-2 paper towels. Throw away trash in the trash can.

Share any problems with an adult.

Help keep our restrooms safe & clean for everyone.